Tuesday, March 27, 2012

TECS for writing tomorrow :)

 Hai semua

as i told before, em going to a family day n to be exact my class family day. sounds weird aite?haha
yela, all of us not really have our own family yet but for us "smian" itself already a family. that's why we went for a vacation by ourself, with F.A.M.I.L.Y :)

tonight, i dun have much talk to talk bout nonsense because i have Tecs for writing tomorrow. what is tecs? Tecs is TEST OF ENGLISH COMMUNICATION SKILLS (TECS). same with MUET. we took MUET before entering University to see our capability in English while Tecs is a preparation before we work. juz like an exam to check our english level :)

eventhough. there's nothing specific to be studied for tomorrow's test but i need some preparation. so, tonight i juz leave u with a song. a song i found interesting lately.hihi

Yuna - Terukir Bintang

Bo Bedroom Sanctuary - Lagu

Najwa Latif - Kososng

LOVENOTE : doakan sy untuk test esok ye :)


Juliet_iRa~" said...

hee..camne test?


suka lagu yuna..;p

aLya maNip said...

@ Juliet_iRa~" : alhamdulillah..

best kan..hehe