Saturday, October 22, 2016


Hai semua

I'm back, AGAIN!!!

aku tak tahu untuk yang keberapa kali aku buat "comebak" pastu aku hilang. mood untuk blogging tu pasang surut. lagi-lagi bile aku tersalah delete semua gambar dalam picasa which linked to my blog. so, habis gambar dalam blog dak takde.*poor me*

sometimes, rindu nak blogging so i just blogging in my mind. cam practice blogging la BUT right now i'm still struggling to choose the right word to type.huhu

Firstly, lots of things have changed. For instance, i'm no longer a jobless person. good for me right? Having some improvement in my life. so, i don't have too much time to "lazying" around. is it the right word?.keke*

anyway, i do my comeback because Facebook and Instagram are no longer the safe place for me to jot down my thought and i think i need blog as one of my marketing strategy for my business. Am i too straightforward? keke. it's good to be honest right? :-)

macam panjang plak intro, so lets make it short because i'm going to bed now. and yes, it's 4am and i still awake. juz finished editing my blog and tibe2 rase nak post something terus malam ni. *crying sebab mata tak berapa mengantuk tapi kena tido*

finally, i will try my best to make thing blog alive again and i will edit mana-mana gambar yang dah hilang. Actually, too much to write here after almost 2 years. it's my bad for failing to manage my time properly and honestly i'm still struggling in managing my time. orang lain pon ade 24jam gak tapi kenapa lah orang lain boleh manage to do everything kan?. sape-sape ade tips meh share sket ngan aku. sharing is caring aite? *wink-wink*

i'm going to bed now, will continue everything tomorrow, or maybe next week.kiki

till then.

oh ya!! i still thinking about having another blog for business info tapi cam sayang plak nak biar blog ni bersawang. should i mix it or buat je blog baru and link kan? *help please*