Thursday, September 23, 2010

welcome baCk cHuck bass

blair: just because u dress poor it doesn't mean u not chuck bass

chuck : why i wanna be him
blair : changing ur name doesn't change who u r

chuck : its a good start...maybe become a person sum1 could luv
blair : sum1 did luv u

chuck : i destroyed da only thing i ever luv

blair : i dun luv u anymore..but its take more than u to destroy a blair waldorf...

chuck : ur world will be easier if i didn't come back

blair : its true... but it wouldn't be my world without u in it

when every summers end,
all tourist come home,
all dreamers wake up,
and a new problems are born.


Ana Farhana said... sweeeet!!!

aLya said...

taw xpe..hehehe
nk my chuck bass..